Zračna luka Dubrovnik (LDDU)


Dubrovnik Airport opened in 1962. The city was originally served by the Gruda Airfield which opened for commercial traffic in 1936 and was in use only during the summer months. The domestic airline Aeroput linked Dubrovnik with Belgrade (via Sarajevo) first in 1936, and a year later a route to Zagreb was opened.[3] During 1987, the busiest year in Yugoslav aviation, the airport handled 835,818 passengers on international flights and a further 586,742 on domestic services.[4] Following the breakup of Yugoslavia, the airport surpassed the one-million-passenger mark in 2005. Today, Dubrovnik boasts the most modern passenger terminal in the country. A new terminal is being planned in place of the old airport building, constructed in 1962, which has now been demolished to make way for a new modern structure. The price tag of the project amounts to seventy million euros and is to be financed out of a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. In May 2010 a new terminal opened stretching over 13,700 square metres. It has the capacity to handle two million passengers per year. The above description has been prepared by IPACS forum user brunnobellic. Although this website is moderated as far as is possible, the text above does not represent the views of the administrator of FSCloudPort. If you have any concerns about the above content please email [email protected]


12 / 303290m x 45mModel size:3290m47m


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