Flugplatz Sitterdorf (LSZV)


Der Flugplatz Sitterdorf (ICAO-Code LSZV) ist ein Flugplatz in Zihlschlacht-Sitterdorf im Schweizer Kanton Thurgau, nordöstlich von Zürich in der Nähe des Bodensees. The above description has been prepared by IPACS forum user chrispriv. Although this website is moderated as far as is possible, the text above does not represent the views of the administrator of FSCloudPort. If you have any concerns about the above content please email admin@


08 / 26478m x 18mModel size:494m26m


IPACS Forum ID chrispriv
SteamID chrispriv
Created on 03/11/2018 18:46:07 GMT
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Download Section

Download instructions for a fully modelled airport follow Click for basic TSC

  1. Create folder My PC > Documents > Aerofly FS2 > scenery > places > CH
  2. Download LSZV.zip file to your CH folder and unzip to folder LSZV/
  3. Download xref_global.zip to My PC > Documents > Aerofly FS2 > scenery > xref and unzip to folder xref_global/
  4. Go Fly!
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